21st century, here I come.


I made it to the AT&T store last night before closing, and came out with a shiny new phone.  And this one doesn’t flip open!   I’d been avoiding getting a smartphone, for fear of losing myself completely into the world of hyper-connectivity.  I mean, i’m sitting in front of a computer for 3/4 of every day for work.  Then I switch to my personal laptop for blogging, browsing, and other online mischief.   Even when traveling, i can get online on a plane, or the nearest wifi hotspot.   The only time I’m offline is when I’m out in the middle of the lake.

However, dropping my old phone in the toilet was a sign.  From somewhere.  To just get on with it.  And so I have.

I’m getting used to my new device.   I must say, having Julie here comes in handy — live-in iphone tech support.

I quickly loaded it up with all those essential apps.  Including the wordpress app.  I eventually got on to viewing this blog on my new phone.   I do not like how the twenty eleven theme looks on a smartphone sized display.  Boring!  And, why is the background white?  I am going to have to find time to change sheila365.com over to another, more versatile theme.   I’ll put that on my todo list.  Any suggestions for a good theme for photoblogging on wordpress.com that looks nice on different sized devices?


By the way, I found this page with instructions on how to take a screen shot of your iphone’s display.  Then you can just mail it to yourself.  Very handy!

3 thoughts on “21st century, here I come.”

  1. Why, oh why, won’t Apple come out with a pink iPhone?! Is it too much to ask??? Have fun with your new phone. Be warned, they are addictive.

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