Closer to fine.

Conjunction of Jupiter and the moon.
Conjunction of Jupiter and the moon.

Tonight the sky is clear in Austin.  The gibbous moon and Jupiter appear closer tonight than they will until the year 2026.  So, I went outside tonight with my Canon PowerShot D-10 and tried a number of settings – stopping up/down, increasing shutter speed, etc, etc.   This is the shot.

Gratuitous side note:   As I was drafting this blog post, I was thinking about the fact that Jupiter and the moon will be closer tonight than they will for another decade or so… and for whatever reason a song popped into my head:  Closer to Fine by the Indigo Girls, from their album with the same name, 1989.   Don’t know why, but there it is.  I love this song, as much as I did when I heard it two dozen years ago.  Here’s the youtube link for you to enjoy, too.   If you like this, then just listen to the entire album, it’s fantastic.  Heck, listen to all the Indigo Girls’ songs.   Great vocals, great harmony, great acoustic sound.   A little factoid for you… the year after this album came out, the Indigo Girls were up for Best New Artist in the Grammy Awards, but lost out to… (wait for it) Milli Vanilli.  Sad, but true.

8 thoughts on “Closer to fine.”

    1. I am not surprised you like the Indigo Girls, too, Teri ! 🙂 as you say: sistahs from different mistahs, my friend 🙂 The lyrics are open for interpretation, but what great vocals and harmony. (…rocking out as I type this…)

  1. Oh my I love this picture, amazing night and site on a cold clear night. And love the Indigo Girls. Closer to Fine was one of those songs I’d play real loud in the car when I was alone, trying to figure life out, looking for the right answer!!

    1. YES, me too :The indigo girls came to Austin and played an outdoor concert several years back. Monte and I went. I sang along so much I made it a trio performing that night 🙂

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