Are you going to San Francisco?

Image source: google maps

Why, yes I am.

I’m on my way to San Fran for a week of meetings.  Before I left the house today Monte sang a verse or two of “Are You Going to San Francisco?” (youtube link here).   You know it,  i’m sure…

If you’re going to San Francisco…
Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair….

If you’re going to San Francisco…
You’re going to meet some gentle people there…

For those who come to San Francisco…
Summertime will be a love-in there…

Checking my email during the flight I got a note from Monte telling me that the guy that sang that song, Scott McKenzie had died.   R.I.P. Scott.

Kind of a coincidence, i suppose.   Anyway, that song is in my head now for a while.  So, i thought I’d spread it around.

I’m pretty sure I will not run across the summertime love-in on this trip.  Maybe next time.  But I definitely will try to find some flowers to put in my hair.  🙂

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