Watering day.

Liriope muscari (aka lilyturf)

Austin recently relaxed the restrictions on watering that we have been under for over a year — moving from drought stage 2 to 1.  That means that we can now water 2 days a week, as opposed to 1.   Our days are Thursday and Sunday.   We can only water before 5 AM or after 7PM on those days.  We are trying to take advantage of both our scheduled days to give our trees and flowers water to thrive in this heat.   It’s been a bit of a challenge since our automatic sprinkler system has been kaput for the last 2 years.   So it means schlepping hoses.

This is a shot of one of the liriope plants on the front porch.   I replanted these this spring because the ones that used to flank our front door were wiped out from either the drought or the freezes during the winter.

I’m trying to remember to water them.  So far, so good.  They’re rewarding me with lots of flower spikes.   Very dainty.

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