Hot water.

I made crepes for breakfast.  Always delicious!  As I was getting the pan ready, I flicked water into it to see if it was at the right temperature.  As the water danced and sizzled, I thought I would try to capture some of that later in a picture.

So after breakfast I set up my camera on a tripod next to the stovetop and gave it a try.  The water was moving too fast for my little camera to get a good shot.  I tried several different things.   I have an ISO 3200 setting, so I tried that and was able to capture a few clearer images.  I had quite a bit of water in the pan by this time, but it still looked cool.

A single image didn’t show much, so I looked on the web for a tool to create animated GIFs quickly and found  It is a web-based tool that will upload up to 10 images, convert them to a GIF, and then give you the URL to the resulting file.   The animation above is the result.

So.  There ya go.  A creative way to waste a half hour or so.  🙂

Well, it wasn’t completely wasted.  Now I know how to display animated gifs on my blog.  The trick was to upload and insert it into my post without scaling it down, not display it at less than full size.   So, before I created the gif, I reduced the size of the images to make each one smaller.  Then I made the gif.  Then uploaded and attached it.  Voila.

2 thoughts on “SizzlyGIF.”

  1. my dear, brilliant, gifted friend….this post ROCKS!!!! I could not be more impressed if I tried!!!!

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