Keeto @ 6 months (or thereabouts)

Keeto's such a pretty bird!

I didn’t get a chance to sort through my photos from the trip yet, so, today you get another Keeto shot  🙂

Doray and Tom bird-sat for us while we were out of town.  We got home too late to get him last night.  So, as soon as my last meeting was over today, i buzzed over there to pick him up.  He’s such a sweet bird.  Thank you Uncle Tom & Aunt Doray !

We estimate that this week he is about 6 months old.  His cere is most definitely blue now.  He’s wrapping up his first molt.  His flight feathers have grown in enough for him to get some lift.  And his eyes are changing a bit… no longer solid black, but have a little ring gray around the outside.

(oh yeah, i almost forgot… Happy Mardi Gras!)

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