Most awesome adirondack chair.

Latest piece to come out of the workshop.

Over the years, monte has made some beautiful adirondack chairs.  He based the original pattern on a chair that his dad made.   The last 4 pretty much wore out.  Last year he made a variation on the adirondack chair out of cedar, more like a regular chair height, but with the features of an adirondack chair.   He made it to fit his height.  Which meant when I sat in it my feet pretty much stuck straight out.

This week, he started on a chair made just for me 🙂   Today, I joined him in the shop to work on the back slats and seat of the chair.   The picture above is a shot of the final product — cut so that my feet touch the ground when I sit on it.

I really enjoyed today – day 4 of vacation.   Monte and I spent months… no, years really… together in the shop working on Porter Belle, Cupholder, and many woodshop projects in between.  But, in the last few years we haven’t spent a lot of time making things together.   So, it was fun to be out there again today making sawdust.

I do enjoy and admire monte’s woodworking passion and skill.   And, I LOVE my new chair.   Thanks, sweetie!

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