Lincoln Center.

I’m in Manhattan for the rest of the week, attending a forum on leadership with colleagues and clients – the THINK Forum.  It’s held at the Lincoln Center, which I’ve never visited all the other times I’ve been in NYC.   I love this vantage point of Lincoln Center, the iconic view that is typically the one shown in most movies.  The sun was going down so the light wasn’t great.   I opted to walk back to the hotel from the Center after the event.  Passed by Central Park and down Broadway.   The UN is in session this week so traffic is terrible.  I think the President is staying at the hotel across the street, given the barricades and block-long string of black SUVs and police cars, and people standing around with little things in their ears.  I guess I’ll just mosey along….

The forum is pretty incredible — focused on talking about the kind of extraordinary leadership and leaders that will be required for the future given the short-term and long-term challenges that business, governments and communities face.   IBM has brought in leaders from industry, heads of state, and various and sundry other intellectual giants to come speak.   This is a shot of His Majesty, King Abdullah of Jordan addressing our group.   The president of Mexico also spoke, CEOs of Boeing, JP Morgan Chase, Sony, international think tank researchers, etc.  Guess it’s time to raise my game.

This was day 1 of 2.  Looking forward to tomorrow.

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