Looking back through time

Great great great.

One of my never-finished projects is doing research on family genealogy.  I have had a lot more luck tracing monte’s ancestors than mine, as there are many more documents that I can view online for 18th & 19th century USA than for Ireland.  So, between reunion activities last weekend, we took several drives to family grave sites across the area to visit relatives’ graves.  We had been to all of them before, but this time I’m taking photos for my records.  This is the gravestone for monte’s great, great, great grandfather, born in 1758 — the oldest one we’ve visited.

Tonight I’ve dusted off my subscription to ancestry.com and logged in to tend the family tree.  If you have done genealogy research you know what I’m talking about when I say that you can lose several hours at a time as you crawl through the past.  I’ve been absorbed in searches and downloading of newly found records documenting land ownership, census information, military service, etc.

But, it’s getting late.  That’s enough for tonight.  It’ll keep.

3 thoughts on “Looking back through time”

  1. It always freaks me out a little bit when a gravestone pic makes it way thru the rotation on my screensaver that flashes thru all of my little yellow folders of pictures but it’s calming too, kind of keeps me grounded.

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