Feb 22, 2011

Deja vu.

My sister-in-law Susanne gave us a basket of amaryllis bulbs in December of 2009.  They bloomed beautifully last year — with gorgeous red flowers.  Last spring after the blooms had faded I cut the spent blooms and put the basket outside to let the foliage feed the bulbs over the summer.   And last fall I dutifully cut the leaves off each bulb and put the basket in a cool dark place in the garage to start their dormant cycle.

I’ve been meaning to pull them out to start the cycle all over again.  I should have done it closer to the holidays but didn’t.  Well, last Sunday I finally dusted off the basket, watered and brought it back inside.

Just 2 days later little tips of green have already started showing on each bulb.  Pretty cool, i must say.    I can’t wait to watch them bloom over the next few weeks.

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