Feb 23, 2011

Better late than never.

Happy Day After National Margarita Day!!

Yes, that’s right.   I missed the opportunity yesterday to post a margarita moment on a day set aside to honor margaritas of all shapes and sizes.

Not a problem.  We made sure to grab a couple of margs at Chuy’s tonight to make up for it.

Yes.  That’s my frozen mango margarita on the left.  I’m sort of a margarita wimp.  It has to do with some harrowing experiences from my early college days.  Long story.  Suffice to say, I still enjoy a taste of tequila, but I need to disguise it as a fruity and icy beverage.

That’s Monte’s Texas Martini on the right — complete with jalapeno-stuffed olives.


4 thoughts on “Feb 23, 2011”

    1. so, how big is your inverter on Island Time? 🙂 or do you know anyone that has a gas powered blender? perhaps we can use one on the next raftup 🙂

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