Jan 25, 2011

Wrapped up.

In the stand of trees out back there are very aggressive thorny vines that love to climb all the way to the top of the canopy of the 30+ foot tall trees.  When we first moved in they were pretty well established.  But we tried to pull most of them down and cut the new growth.  Every Fall we fight the ones that have grown since the last time we cut them down.

This is what they do if left alone for many years.   Poor tree.



9 thoughts on “Jan 25, 2011

    • Yes. The vine wrapped around this tree has been here for years. It would have been more damaging to the tree to remove it. But it’s no longer growing.

    • Hi. I don’t know if they’re invasive or native but they are all over our wooded area. After they get a certain age they turn woody like the one in this picture. They have been here for a while!

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