Nov 21, 2010

Another weekend in the books

We had another nice weekend.   The weather was really warm – in the 70s.   Monte worked on the boat and I worked on fun stuff.

If you recall my post a few weeks back about the catboat windtoy that monte made me…  well this weekend I painted it and we put it up, and it works great!   Here is a link to an animated gif to see it in motion (you’ll have to wait a bit for the 2+ MB file to load).

I also tweaked my blog a bit and have indulged myself by getting a dedicated domain name for it:   It’s still hosted on WordPress, but you can get to it directly with the new domain name.  Any and all old links to will still work, too.

This is a shot of the Chinaberry tree outside the shop.  All the leaves have fallen and it’s just loaded berries.   Monte suggested taking a picture of the many chinaberries looking up against the sky.   This is my take at it.   The sun was just dropping so there’s a bit of pink in the sky.

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