Nov 18, 2010

A memory

I was searching for a subject to shoot tonight.    One of the things I happened upon was this dried bouquet of flowers that I keep on top of our wedding album.  I like how the shot turned out.  But, I like it also because of the memory the bouquet brings back every time I walk by.

We had booked an awesome estate called House on the Hill for the weekend where both our out-of-town families stayed.  It had a main residence, 3 cottages, a pool, beautiful grounds and an amazing view of the Hill Country.  It was also the location where we held the rehearsal dinner and reception.  (it was AWESOME)

But I digress.  On the day of the wedding, the florist was supposed to deliver the bride’s bouquet to the House on the Hill for the formal family photos, and the rest of the flowers to the church.

Well, it didn’t work out that way.  When the time came for photos before everyone headed to the church… no bride’s bouquet.   Uh oh.  Ok, no biggie.   We would just take the photos without a bouquet.    My sister, Noreen, disappeared and came back about 5 minutes later with a hastily assembled bouquet of flowers and ribbon from the rehearsal dinner the night before.    How sweet is that?  That was the bouquet we used for the photo shots, which turned out lovely.

While I LOVE the brides bouquet that I picked out for the wedding, and did get to carry that down the aisle, this small bouquet is the one I kept and the one I remember fondly.


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