Jul 12, 2010

On hiatus

I like making things, working with my hands.   I’m pretty good at finishing projects that I start.  But there are a number of them that remain un-done and frozen in time — for whatever reason.

We have a side-entry garage on our house.   So, if you want to park in the driveway and come in the front door of the house, you have to trample across the lawn.    One of the projects I started, but haven’t finished,  is a pathway of stepping stones across the lawn from the driveway to the front walkway.   Two years ago (oh my) I started the project.   I ordered a stepping stone mold that I liked with a celtic knot design from Garden Molds, bought some limestone mortar mix and started making them one by one.   I made one or two per week, mixing the mortar and letting each one cure in the mold.  I figure I’ll need about 40 of them to span the distance.   When I finished about 24 of them I stopped.  Things got busy.  The remodel on the house started last summer and it wasn’t a good idea to put them out on the lawn until that work was all done.  The project was put on hold.  In the mean time I’ve stacked them out back and they have been weathering beautifully.    I walk by them every day when I walk to the way-back part of our yard.  When it came time to bury our parakeet Petey, we even used one of them as a headstone.

One of these days I’ll finish the stepping stone project, lay the stones out front and admire the outcome.   One of these days.

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