Scenes from the wayback.

A caption for this shot escapes me — you’ll have to supply your own

On one of my trips out to the shop in the wayback part of the yard today to see what Monte was up to, I encountered this little art exhibit.

He’s been talking about wanting to make a sundial.  But I don’t think this is it.

The story behind the shot:  Monte is very fond of colored bandanas / hankies, and won’t get dressed without having one or two of these in his pocket.   He uses them for pretty much everything.  Well, last weekend he declared that he was running low and came back from a shopping run with a couple dozen bright, crisp, new colored bandanas.   They bleed profusely, though for the first 5 – 10 washes.  So he’s taken to washing them in a bucket of saltwater to set the colors.  This is apparently the drying cycle for the latest batch.  🙂

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