Covering (my little corner of) the Earth!

We chose Sherwin-Williams paint when we renovated our home.  I can’t believe a decade has flown by since we repainted every wall, ceiling, door and piece of wood trim in the house.

Well, in the midst of the 100+ degree mid-August heat wave, our large AC/heat pump failed.  It was 22 years old, so…. it wasn’t unexpected.   We decided to replace the system.  After the HVAC guys were done with the work, the wall alongside the closet containing the new air handling unit was pretty badly dinged and marked up.

So I popped in to our local Sherwin-Williams and asked for a quart of the wall color we used.  They still can blend up any of the original colors we used.   But, the sales guy said they have changed their line of latex paint and their color/tinting system in the ten years since we bought the original color.    So, he wasn’t sure if it would match for touching up spots in the existing ten year old paint job.

Well, it matched perfectly!  Thanks SW!  I’ll keep coming back.


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