Garbage-pail pasta.

We had a storm blow through this afternoon. Had to jockey cars to put them all under cover. There were reports of baseball-sized hail. But none made it here. For dinner tonight we dug through the fridge and made pasta with whatever looked like it would be good: onions, garlic, mushrooms, asparagus, leftover grilled chicken, some white wine, broth and parmesan cheese. We used Buitoni fresh linguini for the noodles.


6 thoughts on “Garbage-pail pasta.”

  1. I JUST served garbage pail pasta to my kids tonight!!! barbecue chicken, red sauce and penne!! (haha) gotta love it!!

      1. I’ve already planned for that puppy! It’s going to make school super fun tomorrow. Wet kids kinda smell like wet dogs sometimes…

  2. Surprisingly, those are often the best meals all week!! 🙂 Send some rain here. The dust and pollen in the air is making everyone in this house miserable. A little rain would do wonders to knock some of that out of the air and relieve our runny noses!!

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