Rude awakening.

For whom the bell tolls?

Gene & Jo stopped by for a few days in Austin on their way home – a month-long road trip.  I know they’re looking forward to getting home but it has been great to get a visit in with them.  Last night Monte made roast leg of lamb.  Julie joined us, too.  It was fantastic!

This morning, as we were contemplating getting up, the alarm on our security system went off… right outside Gene & Jo’s room (!)  It was SO loud!  I don’t know what set it off.  And we didn’t know how to make it stop, so…. it is no longer attached to the house 🙂


We headed to the marina after the fire drill today.  Gene and Jo headed home from there after visiting Nirvana.

Monte and I rafted up in Arky south with Rory & Greg on Sapphire, and Lori & Dave on Camelot.   We had very little wind for the Beer Can regatta.  But afterwards we sailed through 20+ knot gusts on our way to the cove.  It was nice to raft up and relax.   Leftover lamb sandwiches for dinner!


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