What’s missing?

I flew to Boston today for work/meetings for the week.  As usual, I waited until this morning to pack, and since I had a morning flight, I was rushing a bit.

In my haste, I left my phone charging on the shelf in the pantry, and didn’t realize it until I got to the airport.  Argh!

It will be interesting to see how I can get by without it.   I’m not even that attached to it for connectivity – as I really only use it as a phone (not for internet connectivity).  But, I have gotten used to being able to make a call from anywhere, without having to make arrangements to use a land line.   Interestingly, the biggest inconvenience so far is not having something handy with a clock on it so I know what time it is.  🙂

I’m staying about 30 miles outside of Boston.   After arriving, i had the pleasure of driving through the Ted Williams Tunnel at rush hour.  It strikes me as odd that they spent so many years with the Big Dig only to have ended up with at tunnel that has about 8 feeder lanes that have to merge into only 2 lanes to go through the tunnel.   That was fun (NOT – slow going).

Tomorrow, Spain plays Portugal in one of the semi-final matches of the UEFA Euro Cup 2012 soccer (er – futbol) match.  I won’t be able to watch, as I’ll be in meetings, but i’m definitely rooting for España!


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