Florae and faunae. And Friday.


Yay Friday!   This was a great Friday though.   I got to sleep in until 7:30AM (!).  Then I finished my last meeting at 3:00, so that I could run to a couple of non-work related appointments, one of which was a well-deserved, self-indulgent, overdue pedicure.  🙂

Then we went to dinner at one of our favorites, and the best Indian restaurant in Austin, in my opinion, Bombay Bistro.

Monte planted a huge patch of basil from seed earlier this spring.   Today he thinned out the patch and brought some inside.   It’s gonna be a great year for basil!

Then, i saw our resident deer grazing in the front yard, munching on grass and the leaves of the crepe myrtles.  He, or she, was not very startled by us tapping on the window to get it to look our way for a shot.   I think this is the same deer that we saw a few months ago with an injured leg nesting next to the window of our guest room.  The leg looks like it has healed, but there’s a huge knob on the knee of its right foreleg.  I’m glad to see it grown up and fending for itself.


Unfortunately, the light wasn’t great, as the deer was standing in the shade of the red oak out front.  But he did strike a great pose.

Have a great weekend!

One thought on “Florae and faunae. And Friday.”

  1. thank you for the link back to the injured deer shot from this Spring, oh and pesto……..YUM!

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