Bye-bye Audi.


This was one of the hardest weeks for me in a long time.  Very little sleep due to work.  Long days, very difficult projects and meetings.  And yet another critsit.

It was 7:00 tonight when I was finally able to get off the phone.  Then I drove down to pick up Julie to take her out to eat.  We had a lovely dinner at Zax.  Everything they have there is delicious!

Some of Julie’s friends from school were eating dinner at another restaurant, and she was supposed to meet up with them there.  So I drove her down to that restaurant, and just about as we got there…. Crash!

No one was hurt, neither us or the other guy.

I was a bit shaken from the accident.  Ever so thankful that my guardian angel is still on duty.  And sad to have to say good bye to my dear Audi companion of 15 years.


5 thoughts on “Bye-bye Audi.”

  1. Sorry to hear. Same thing happened to me last November with my 89 year old dad in the car. No one was hurt and just last week, June 7, I went to court over it and won.

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