A simple fix.

My Harmony One.

We’ve owned a Harmony One programmable universal remote control for almost 4 years.  A few months ago it went on the fritz.  It would reboot itself randomly, making it impossible to use, because it would forget the state of the devices it was supposed to control between reboots.

So, it has been sitting in the closet gathering dust.   In the mean time, we’ve had to dig out and relearn how to use the multiple remote controls that it was intended to replace.

I was just about ready to buy a new one on Amazon today, when I thought to google for any known issues and recommended fixes.

Turns out that a common problem with the Harmony One is that the battery, after a year or two, can become a tad loose inside the remote, and if that happens, the battery’s contacts with the remote can be disrupted as it is moved around.   When that happens, the remote reboots itself.  The “fix” is to put a small piece of thick paper, like from an index card, under the battery to take up any slack.  Voila!

We are back in business!!   I ♥ my Harmony One  🙂

3 thoughts on “A simple fix.”

  1. Ok, maybe we’re getting a wee bit too reliant on gadgets. Do you think? We do not use a remote control for the telly, nor radio, nor dvd player. I think it is important to move around, exercise throughout the day. If we are on the couch watching tv, I do what my dad before me always did. Tell the wife to get up and change the channel. Sometimes I’ll say please.

    1. heh heh. yes, you are right. I claim to be gadget-averse, but boy, when I find one I like, it’s hard to pry it out of my hands 🙂 Wise words about moving around, too. I should follow your lead, there

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