Bread of life.

Focaccia & ciabatta.

Some friends and I signed up for today’s bread baking class at the culinary center at Whole Foods downtown.  I’ve been looking forward to it.  The class was hands-on, showing how to make focaccia and ciabatta bread, both of which I LOVE.

I love to  bake, and have baked bread before, but never these Italian breads.   I enjoyed the class.  The instructor taught us several techniques and tips that I can’t wait to try on some of the other breads I’ve made (especially my baguettes – which usually end up with too thick of a crust).  We also learned how to make a starter for the dough, and brought that home for the next loaves I’ll make.

I thought it was interesting that you make both breads out of the same dough, just prepared differently — you add lots of olive oil to the focaccia – before and after you bake it, and sprinkle with rosemary and salt.

I had fun, and the breads turned out great!  The shot above is a picture of the final product.  Yummy!


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