Pride of Barbados (in Austin).

Tropical & orangeThis is a picture of a flower that surrounded the entrance to the restaurant where went for dinner tonight.  The orange color was very vibrant, even though dusk had set in and the light wasn’t great.

The hostess told us that it is a flower called the Pride of Barbados, which is the national flower of Barbados.  Very pretty!

4 thoughts on “Pride of Barbados (in Austin).”

    1. Lovely photos on your blog, Steve. I’m a wildflower fan as well. I have also noticed that the invasive tree species are taking the drought harder than the live oaks. Maybe it will help adjust the natural order a bit. Thanks for stopping by to say hello.

      1. Glad to hear you’re also a fan of our wildflowers. I’ve wondered about native versus nonnatives during the drought; I hope you’re right that the invasives are faring poorly.

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