Jun 9, 2010

Elusive little bugger

It was about a month ago that I put out the hummingbird feeders.  Three in the backyard, and a new one in the front — right outside the kitchen window.

I haven’t seen any in the backyard yet, but the feeder in the front is very popular with the little birdies.

I’ve been trying for almost a week to get a picture of one of them.  They’re funny birds.  The problem with having the feeder right outside the window is that they have a better view of me than I do of them.  Whenever I try to creep up with the camera they fly away.  As a result, I’ve gotten several hundred shots of the empty feeder.

Yesterday I tried modifying my stalking approach.   I put the camera on continuous shoot mode and closed the blinds as low as I could, yet still be able to see if they’re there.

This little guy would take a sip, then fly off and look for me.  Then take a sip and fly off and hover again.  This went on for about a minute today.  This shot isn’t great, but it’s the best of the bunch.   If I’m able to improve my stealth technique  and it yields a spectacular shot, you’ll be sure to see it here in a future post.

By the way, here’s the recipe I use to fill the feeders:

Hummingbird Nectar
1 part sugar : 4 parts H2O
Bring to a boil for several minutes.
Let cool completely.
Probably shouldn’t leave in the feeder for more than a week or so.