Spring rolls in Winter.


The cedar pollen is high in Central Texas.  Which means I’ll be avoiding going outside for extended periods of time.  Unfortunately, that means I can’t lend a hand with the yardwork.  I used to go outside regardless, and dig in the dirt, trim brush and help with picking up leaves.  But then I would be pretty much a sneezing, coughing, itching mess, clinging to a box of kleenex all week.  So I’m hanging indoors this weekend.  Monte cleared the front yard of leaves yesterday, and it looks great.
Today he is cutting down several very tall cedars along the back fenceline that have died from the last couple of droughts.

So, since I’m not out there helping, i’ll feed him instead 🙂

Spring rolls are not your typical lumberjack meal… but that’s what he got for lunch today anyway.   The shot above is of what went into them (minus the noodles and rice paper wrap), and the shot below is of how they turned out.   Hopefully they’ll tide him over til dinner.

Lunch is served.

You don’t so much need a recipe as you do a shopping list.

Spring Rolls

– Rice paper wrappers (soak in warm water for about 5 seconds right before preparing the spring roll to soften)
– Rice vermicelli (boiled up beforehand, I use a small amount on each one)
– Veggies of choice sliced very thin (I like cucumbers, carrots, lettuce)
– Cilantro (fresh, chopped up)
– Shrimp (cook it beforehand, you can also use chicken or beef or whatever you like)
– Peanut sauce (for dipping)

Cut everything up ahead of time, cook your meat, boil the noodles.  Soften a rice paper wrapper (one at a time).  Put a little of each in the center of the circular wrapper.  Fold down the top edge and fold up the bottom edge, and roll as snugly as you can.  Repeat until you can’t eat anymore.



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