Apr 14, 2011

Almost ready.

For those that have been following the boat refurbishing project… Monte has been working diligently on it and it looks beautiful.  All the mahogony trim and brightwork was sanded down to bare wood and has its many coats of varnish.  The decks have been sanded and repainted with gritty bits for traction.  He’s added fishing pole holders (YEAH!), some bronze bits, fixed the swim ladder mount, sanded and painted the cockpit floor (we know that get’s a lot of abuse), repainted the toe rails, etc etc.

The big thing we have to do before launching is to put on new bottom paint.   We’ll work on the mast and spars after it’s back in the water.  That way, we can at least play, even if we can’t sail yet.

This is a shot looking aft taken through the eye on the bowstrap where the mainstay attaches (when it is there).

It won’t be long now!

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