Feb 20, 2011

Before and after.

I set out to weed the flower beds today to get them ready for planting.   We have a bed about 4 feet deep that runs along our fence for about 30 feet, and several other beds scattered throughout the back yard.

The image on top is what greeted me in the wasteland left over from the basil and zinnias last fall.  The image on the bottom shows the bed after weeding, rototilling and fertilizing.

I finished up right at noon.   We came in and had lunch — leftover vegetable soup that monte made last night.   I have to say this is the Best Vegetable Soup Ever.  I should have taken a picture of it last night, but I didn’t.   It’s chock full of carrots, turnips, celery, leeks and cannelloni beans — delicious.   The least I can do is post the recipe, which we once again lifted from our bon ami Jacques Pepin (recipe and video from the episode here) – Happy Cooking!

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