Sep 13, 2010

Knotical Art

About the time we began the rigging the shellback dinghy (our practice boat),  I taught myself how to splice 3-strand rope to make the bow painter and for the end of the halyard and main sheet.    This would have been 10 years ago or so (my how time flies).   Anyway one of the by products of this little endeavor was this shadow box to display some of my knot handiwork.   This was before we were married, so I made one for monte, and one for myself.   And, now we have 2 🙂

I also cut, mitered and stained the wood for the shadow box frame, had the glass cut to size and made the fabric covered backing board.   Wow.    When did I ever have that much time on my hands!?!

The one in the middle is called a braided mat.   The others from top left, clock-wise are:  a double splice, stopper knot, sailor’s cross, turk’s head knot, a splice loop with a monkey’s fist knot on the end, figure eight knot and a lovers’ knot.

There you have it.

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