Aug 23, 2010

Where's Mario?

So…. I have my regular appointment with my stylist/hairguy tomorrow that I needed to move out several hours.  I called the salon this morning to change the appointment time, and they informed me that Mario is no longer working there as of the day before last, and they had no contact info for him.  WHA?!  I’ve been going to him for 8 years (!)

Well, Mario called tonight to tell me that he’s got a new gig at the Sax 5th Ave salon in the Arboretum and so we’re on for tomorrow night.     Whew.

Unfortunately, this hairline shot that I took earlier today is the only material I have for the day. It may be an all time low for photo blog entries.  But, I’ll just call it a self-portrait shot.   🙂  One of these days (apparently not that far off)  I’ll just let it go all gray.

But not this week.

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