The blogosphere @ 35,000′.

Moon & troposphere viewed from seat 20A.

I’m on my way back home.  Typical commute.  Flight delays, short connection, scrambling for carry-on baggage space, hoping for an upgrade to that last seat in 1st class.  Bleh.   Thank goodness for the Admiral’s club.  🙂

I’ve been using the in-flight wireless on most of my business travel legs.  It helps me keep from getting behind on email and todos.

On this flight, I decided to knock off early.  Well, i *is* 6PM on a friday night!

I was taking photos out the window after we had leveled off at 35 thousand feet.  I had a nice view of the moon above the clouds, and some pretty blue sky, and then I had the brainchild … hey, i should just post it now while I’m online.  🙂

So here goes.

Have a great weekend!

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