Basil Claus

Basil to go.

Our garden is taking a beating in this heat and drought.  Monte has already pulled up the tomato plants.  They stop putting out flowers.  But we did harvest some pretty red tomatoes off of them this year.  The basil is getting tired, too.   It dries up during the day, and in the evening it gets watered and pops back to life.

Our sprinkler system is shot, so we have been doing the manual watering thing this spring and summer – lots of hose schlepping.  We know we will be out of town for a few days this summer.  So instead of just letting the plants die, Monte is trying to use up as much as we can.   We’ll plant more when we will be here to water them well.

So, tonight Monte cut some of the nicer sprigs, put them in bottles of water and walked them around the neighborhood to give to several of our neighbors.  Hopefully they will use and enjoy it.   For the rest, a marathon pesto session is in order.   You can freeze it, if you hold off putting the cheese in.   Maybe put some in an ice cube tray or two for future use in small amounts.

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