Mar 26, 2010

B-dock sunset

What a day.   Very early day, lots of meetings.   After work we headed to the lake.   We saw Doc and Joe, briefly, when we arrived.    We motored all the way up Hurst Cove.   The lake is FULLLLL!      We saw some big garr fish – 3 or more feet long;  some turtles; a blue heron; and a little sparrow that had made a nest under one of the limestone ledges.   We turned off the motor and let the winds blow us out all the way out of the cove out to the recently discovered mooring ball fishing grounds just beyond the marina.   We tied up to the ball until sunset and Monte brought in a crappie.   Very nice!

Afterward we stopped by Caribbean Run to say hello to Michelle, Tony, Robert and Tasha.   I guess we missed Kurt while we were out and about.   I’m itching for the next raft-up 😉

This shot was taken as we were motoring from A-dock to B-dock.   Very pretty.    Happy Friday!

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