I kind of zoned out there.

My posts for the last few months have been a tad infrequent.  And it’s been two weeks since I last posted. I think I have just been decompressing.  I have had a great summer – spending time with family, and then coming back to Austin for a couple of downtime weeks to play with Monte.  Somewhere, in there, the summer has nearly slipped by.  That’s ok, though.  Onward!

Yesterday Sue & Marty joined us on the boat for a windless day on the lake.  We headed directly for our cove, set anchor, jumped in and floated until just before sunset.  A great day!  Here is a shot of the blinding sun on its way to the horizon. IMG_5768


Today was spa day!!! An annual indulgence with girlfriends for the last 15 years or so. I’ve been staring at this one on the calendar with anticipation for a while.
How can you not relax at a place like this? The Lake Austin Spa Resort is a beautiful retreat, if only for that one or two days a year.

And I couldn’t resist trying a panorama shot:

Afterwards I joined monte at the marina to anchor overnight in our favorite cove.

A good day!

Ace & Deuce.

Our friends Teri and Jim are visiting us this weekend – some of our good sailing buddies who moved out of state a couple years ago. We had a fun reunion party last night. Today we went to the lake and anchored out for a few fun hours. We made it back to the marina in time for a pretty sunset sky. The moon is the nearly full Cold Moon.



Orange you wishing you were here?

Saturday on the lake. Raftup with Kurt & Kevin on Dancer. What a glorious sunset sky.

The full moon rose as the sun set.

If the clouds break we might get a glimpse of the Leonids meteor shower or the comet ISON.

Lake bound.

Hit the lake after work with Colleen and Julie. We’re anchoring out tonight.
Saw two of these flying contraptions. One of them flew right by us as we were sailing and circled the mast.


Later, yet another stunning Lake Travis sunset.


Saturday sunset.

A three day weekend!  Yep, you guessed it, we headed to the lake.   Lori and Dave anchored out with us.    Here’s our favorite spot at sunset, the view off the starboard side of Nirvana.

We layed on the deck and played ipod wars ’til we couldn’t keep our eyes open.  The breezes were light all night, so we rigged the windscoop for the first time, and it worked great.  We were very comfortable in the v-berth up front.

Goodbye, August!

Mid-week lake run.

We headed to the lake after work tonight to meet Lynn, Dan, and their niece Paige at the marina. We headed to the cove for a float and dinner on the boat. A good time was had by all. This is a shot after sunset with Venus to the right of the crescent moon.
Pretty sky.


‘Tis Tuesday.

We have another niece visiting us this week.  Rachel and Monte went out to the lake and sailed for a few hours.  Then Julie and I joined them about 4 o’clock.  We sailed around for a couple more hours.  Then got a great table at the Oasis.  And surprisingly enjoyed the appies that we ordered.  The view of sunset was awesome, as usual.  Very, very nice!