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(Last updated 1/30/2015) I’ve always enjoyed time well spent with a book.   At times, though, it’s a challenge to make (or rather, take) time to read. At the end of 2008 I started keeping a list of books to read, and of books I’d finished reading.  Its nice to have the list.  I bring it with me when I go shopping for books (gotta give a shout out to my local Half-Price Books store).

At the end of 2014, I discovered’s free audio book library.  I have started listening to some old gems while walking, or hiking, or driving.  Some I read as a wee lass.  Others I’m experiencing for the first time:

Audio books listened to:

– Brave New World.  Author:  Aldous Huxley.
– The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  Author:  F. Scott Fitzgerald
– The Raven.  Author:  Edgar Allen Poe.  Read by Christopher Walken
– The Telltale Heart.  Author:  Edgar Allen Poe.  Read by James Mason
– The Metamorphosis.  Author:  Franz Kafka.  Read by David Barnes
– The Pit and the Pendulum.  Author:  Edgar Allen Poe.  Read by Rod Harrison


- Dubliners.  Author:  James Joyce
- Ireland.  Author:  Frank Delaney


- The Road.  Author:  Cormac McCarthy
- Swimmer in the Secret Sea.  Author: William Kotzwinkle
- The Inheritance of Loss.  Author:  Kiran Desai
- On Chesil Beach.  Author:  Ian Mcewan
- The Poisonwood Bible.  Author:  Barbara Kingsolver
- Run.  Author:  Ann Patchett
- All the Pretty Horses.  Author:  Cormac McCarthy



- Catcher in the Rye.  Author:  J.D. Salinger
- That Old Cape Magic.  Author:  Richard Russo
- Islands in the Stream.  Author:  Ernest Hemingway
- The Risk Pool.  Author:  Richard Russo
- Walden.  Author:  Henry David Thoreau
- Shiver in the Sky.  Author:  David Haywood Young
- The Deep End of the Ocean.  Author: Jacquelyn Mitchard
- An Embarrassment of Mangoes: A Caribbean Interlude.  Author: Ann Vanderhoof
- The Widow Cliquot:  The Story of a Champagne Empire.  Author Tilar Mazzeo
- The Art of Racing in the Rain:  A Novel.  Author:  Garth Stein
- Flush.  Author:  Carl Hiaasen
- Treasure Island:  Author:  Robert Louis Stevenson
- Pirate Latitudes.  Author:  Michael Crichton
- The Alchemist.  Author:  Paulo Coelho
- The Lost Symbol.  Author:  Dan Brown
- A Prayer for Owen Meany.  Author:  John Irving
- Heart of Darkness.  Author:  Joseph Conrad
- The Secret Sharer:  Author:  Joseph Conrad
- A Confederacy of Dunces.  Author:  John Kennedy Toole
- In the Time of Butterflies.  Author:  Julia Alvarez
- Reading Lolita in Tehran:  A memoir in Books.  Author:  Azar Nafisi
- Water for Elephants:  A Novel.  Author:  Sara Gruen.
- Suite Francaise.  Author:  Irene Nemirovsky
- A Gracious Plenty:  A Novel.  Author:  Sheri Reynolds
- The Boyfriend School.  Author:  Sara Bird
- Bridge of Sighs.  Author:  Richard Russo
- Eventide.  Author:  Kent Haruf
- The Transit of Venus.  Author:  Shirley Hazzard
- The Time Traveler’s Wife.  Author:  Audrey Niffenegger
- Light on Snow.  Anita Shreve
- Night over Water.  Author:  Ken Follet
- Boone’s Lick:  A Novel.  Author:  Larry McMurtry
- How Perfect is That.  Author:  Sarah Bird
- Wicked.  Author:  Gregory Maguire
- Eat, Pray, Love:  One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia.  Author:  Elizabeth Gilbert
- Where is Joe Merchant:  A Novel Tale.  Author:  Jimmy Buffet
- World Without End.  Author:  Ken Follett
- Empire Falls.  Author:  Richard Russo
- The Pillars of the Earth.  Author:  Ken Follett
- Lonesome Dove.  Author:  Larry McMurtry
< 2009:
- The Lovely Bones.  Author:  Alice Sebold
- The DaVinci Code.  Author:  Dan Brown
- Isaac’s Storm.  Author:  Erik Larson
- The Shipping News.  Author:  E. Annie Proulx
- Eleanor of Aquitaine:  A Life.  Author:  Alison Weir
- Vinegar Hill.  Author:  A. Manette Ansay
- Shine Hawk.  Author:  Charlie Smith
- The Dante Club.  Author:  Matthew Pearl
- Close Range.  Author:  Annie Proulx
- Plainsong.  Author:  Kent Haruf
- The Rapture of Canaan.  Author:  Sheri Reynolds
- The Bird Artist.  Author:  Howard Norman
- A Thousand Acres.  Author:  Jane Smiley
- Icy Sparks.  Author:  Gwyn Hyman Rubio
- The Pilot’s Wife.  Author:  Anita Shreve
- Straight Man.  Author:  Richard Russo
- A Map of the World.  Author:  Jane Hamilton
- A Lesson Before Dying.  Author:  Ernest J. Gaines
- The Piano Tuner.  Author:  Daniel Mason
- The Devil in the White City.  Author:  Erik Larson
- In the Heart of the Sea.  Author:  Nathaniel Philbrick
- We Were the Mulvaney’s.  Author:  Joyce Carol Oates
- Galileo’s Daughter.  Author:  Dava Sobel
- The Fourth Hand.  Author:  John Irving
- Girl with the Pearl Earring.  Author:  Tracy Chevalier
- Angela’s Ashes.  Author:  Frank McCourt
- Krakatoa.  Author:  Simon Winchester

Misc authors to check out if you’re looking for something to read.  I’ve read multiple titles (or in some cases all) of their stuff:

- Michael Crichton (especially the older titles)
- Simon Winchester
- JK Rowling (can’t help myself, i read them all)
- Anita Shreve
- Sara Bird (local austin author, and funny!)
- Larry McMurtry
- Richard Russo
- Erik Larson

2 thoughts on “Reading List

  1. just stumbled upon your blog after googling images of arkansas bend park and clicking on one of them. you may have already read it, but if not you should try ‘a walk in the woods’… since you seem to enjoy hiking and your latest blog post shares the title. :) i’m reading it now, so i have no official opinion on it (but it’s about hiking, so i’m sure to love it). happy trails!

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