We’re back!

After getting Nirvana 2 years ago, we had to move to E-dock. Last week a slip finally opened up on our beloved B-dock. So, of course we said, “Yes, we’ll take it!”

So today we headed out to the marina on a cool, drizzly day and moved our boat, dock box, and kayak to the new slip.

We celebrated with frosty beverages and (best ever) hot dogs with Kurt.

It’s good to be back!

I kind of zoned out there.

My posts for the last few months have been a tad infrequent.  And it’s been two weeks since I last posted. I think I have just been decompressing.  I have had a great summer – spending time with family, and then coming back to Austin for a couple of downtime weeks to play with Monte.  Somewhere, in there, the summer has nearly slipped by.  That’s ok, though.  Onward!

Yesterday Sue & Marty joined us on the boat for a windless day on the lake.  We headed directly for our cove, set anchor, jumped in and floated until just before sunset.  A great day!  Here is a shot of the blinding sun on its way to the horizon. IMG_5768

And the cotton is high…

The words are swimming around in my head:

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy
Fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high….

I like Billie Holiday’s version.

We took a trip to the Coastal Bend of Texas for a few days.   We come down here nearly every year, and really enjoy it.   Very rustic, but beautiful.   Along the way to the coast, we drive through the cotton fields.   This time we came a little earlier than usual, and we got to see the fields before harvest.   A sea of white fluffiness:





Back home now, Monte and I are enjoying the time together.  We took a drive to Brenham to see the BlueBell ice cream factory (and the accompanying large scoop of ice cream after the tour).   Every other time we’ve driven by Brenham on the way to or from somewhere, it has been a weekend, and the factory is closed on weekends.   So we made a special weekday trip.  It was worth the special trip  :)  We dallied on our way home stopping in at antique stores along the way.

If you are not blessed to live where BlueBell is sold, you can move to one of these places to see what you’re missing:



A few more pics from Seattle.

In the summer, sunset seems to linger for a very long time in Seattle.   This is a shot I took from the ferry on the way home from the game.  It must have been about 9:30pm.  In this wide panorama you can still see the glow of the sun past the horizon on the left…the city lights including the space needle, the great wheel, and both century link and safeco stadium…and the rising supermoon on the right.


I’ve gotten tired of trying to guess which side of Mt Rainier we’ll fly by on my return flights to Austin.  So, I just kept the seat that I was assigned – window on the left side.   I got lucky this time and we flew north-to-south past the western face of this great mountain, turning to the southeast as we passed it.


The haze nestled amongst the surrounding foothills is smoke from the ongoing fires in Central Washington.  A couple of factoids:  Mt Rainier is a volcano;  elevation of 14,410′;  last recorded eruption was in the 1st half of the 1800’s;  home to 26 major glaciers and many ice fields; 6 rivers have glaciers on Mt Rainier as their source.  Read more here.

We flew very close to the summit.  In this shot of the western face, you can see Sunset Amphitheater on the left and Tahoma Glacier on the right.  The black ring on the top right of the dome is the volcanic crater.  The summit, Columbia Crest is along that black ring.



Sweet Lou.

I went to the Mariners game tonight with Fran and Art. They were inducting their former manager, Lou Pinella, into the Mariners hall of fame – a big deal for the team and fans.
I collected my Lou bobble head.

And got some awesome shots at sunset from the waterfront.


Special place.

I love the Seattle waterfront. On Thursday Mom and I joined Fran, Aaron, Rebecca, Colleen and Jake for the afternoon. Took a ferry ride, rode the Great Wheel, found a few geocaches along the way, ate lunch, and took in another beautiful, sunny, Seattle day.


What a difference a week (and 2-3 feet) makes.

Today’s low tide was 4.5′ higher than last week.   So…no problem getting out.   We spent the entire day on the boat crabbing.   And boy did we get some big ones.

This is the same place that we were high and dry last week.   IMG_5378

One of the pots:



And one of the huge dungeness crabs:


Oh, and I learned that Pacific rock crab is pretty much the same as Florida stone crab.   Delicious lesson.  Yum!



Road trip.

Mom and I headed for Vashon Island today to visit a friend she’s known since gradeschool.  I had never been to Vashon before; it’s beautiful.  You can only get there by ferry.


And once we were there we were awestruck by their waterfront lot and home on the Colvos Passage.   This shot is from the living room…. amazing.


Crabby patties.

Francine brought over a humongous bowl of dungeness crabmeat from their haul over the weekend – ginormous hunks of claw meat already cleaned and ready to eat. So, I made crab cakes tonight for the first time, and I think they turned out excellent.
Spongebob would be proud. :)

Here is the recipe I used:

- 2 cups dungeness crabmeat, flaked
– 1/3 c crushed cracker crumbs
– 2 Tblspoons mayo
– 1 egg
– 1 tsp mustard powder
– 1 tsp Worcestershire sauce
– 1/4 tsp garlic powder
– 1/2 tsp kosher salt
– Juice of 1/2 lemon
– 2 green onions sliced and diced thinly
– 1/2 green pepper diced finely
– Black pepper to taste

1) Mix all of the above together well in a bowl.

2) Form into cakes (6 or so) and dust each with:


3) Heat in large skillet on med high:

- 1/4 c olive oil

4) add crab cakes to pan and cook 4-5 mins, then flip and cook another 3-4 mins.

5) remove and place on paper towel.

Plate with lemon and Dijon mustard remoulade.